Press Play Below To Listen to is a self financing station and as such we need to make sure that we cover costs for maintenance and upgrades. Unfortunately we do not qualify for any kind of government funding and so rely on advertising, these costs at the moment are not fully met by this alone. So we rely on donations to keep us going, please help us keep this great station on air by donating just a few pounds and help us make great radio, and keep this great station running for you.

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If you are in an upcoming Mod Band the send us your story and copies of your music. We want to give new bands a spring board onto the national and international scene.

Don't hesitate do it now.

Mod radio has come from my passion for Mod Music and the whole Mod scene. I live for music and have been running very succesfully my own DJ business Redcap Entertainment in the North East of England for 3 years full time now.

We are here to bring you the best in all that is Mod, Northern Soul, Motown, 60's Mod, Mod Revival, Ska and Two Tone. We also want to bring you the best of new upcoming Mod Bands and bands that have stayed on the scene.We hope you will enjoy all we have to give.

Our aim is to bring the Mod community together we post on our website your events and we are also willing to plug them on air for you.
Just let us know whats happening and when.


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