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The New Mod Generation

One of the most difficult things for an up and coming Mod band, is being able to get their music noticed by either a producer, or even just to get some air time on the radio. Mod Radio is now giving the chance for unsigned bands to finally be heard by the public, by recently introducing a segment to the station called The New Mod Generation. The segment has kindly been sponsored by Adaptor Clothing who are already well involved with helping to promote new bands that are looking to break through onto the Mod scene.

The way that this show works, is that every week day bands can send their music across to Mod Radio and they guarantee that it will be played in the designated time of between 8.30am and 9.00am, whilst Mark and Ruth present their morning show, 'Breakfast with Mark and Ruth' which is sponsored by Modfather clothing. Not only that, but all 5 songs that are played in the morning, will also be repeated sometime between 5.30pm and 6pm during the live broadcast of 'Drivetime with Mark and Ruth'.

But what makes Mod Radio any different to any other stations who charge bands to have their tracks played on their station? Well thats the thing, Mod Radio will be playing the tracks for FREE! With DJ Mark Ambrose, also described as The Modfather, having an undeniable passion for Mod music, he wants to see the baton carried forward by new bands from the already known classics such as Paul Weller and The Lambrettas.

As well as the air time given to the bands, a poll is on the Mod Radio Facebook page every day for people to be able to vote on what their favourite track was from the daily playlist which then gives the opportunity for the given tracks to be voted for in the Track of the week competition!

Of course all music sent into Mod Radio is kept on the system and will be played on a regular basis to the listeners which is now averaging at around 47 000 every week in over 90 countries, giving more than enough opportunity for any new band to be heard around the world and build a stepping stone for themselves up to the next level of their careers.

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How To Tune In : Our Streams.

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If you are in an upcoming Mod Band the send us your story and copies of your music. We want to give new bands a spring board onto the national and international scene.

Don't hesitate do it now.

Mod radio has come from my passion for Mod Music and the whole Mod scene. I live for music and have been running very succesfully my own DJ business Redcap Entertainment in the North East of England for 3 years full time now.

We are here to bring you the best in all that is Mod, Northern Soul, Motown, 60's Mod, Mod Revival, Ska and Two Tone. We also want to bring you the best of new upcoming Mod Bands and bands that have stayed on the scene.We hope you will enjoy all we have to give.

Our aim is to bring the Mod community together we post on our website your events and we are also willing to plug them on air for you.
Just let us know whats happening and when.

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